98 –  A Prisoner Aboard Odin's Sail Barge

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98 – A Prisoner Aboard Odin's Sail Barge (Sky Ship)
Notes (1) Auberille has obviously never seen ROTJ (2) Yes, Auberille is a bit of a _____ (3) Ralf is NOT in direct sunlight. Reflected ambient lighting or light filtered thru clouds won't burn the Elvanpyres. (4) So this comic shuffles the Hero Card to the bottom of the deck. Next up: the “Experts” will get their turn at trying to fix the problem. Place your bets on the resulting body count.

A short time later aboard Odin's (Strike out - Sail Barge) Sky Ship . . .
Salacious Loki: Eh Heh Heh Heh Heh!
Lady R2 Friz-K: Beep Boop Eep!
Crewman Bib#6: A couple of Elves have arrived to see the prisoner.
Auberille: Da Fuk?

Elfina: Hey Ralf. Auberille gave me a ride over here on her HippoGrif. I brought you your stuff.
Ralf: Thanks Elfina!

Elfina: I'm going back to Alfheim with the other Elves. I know you're stuck here, and so . . .

Elfina: I'm breaking up with you.

Auberille: You're better off without that Screw-up!