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28 - To the Shrine Gardens
Obviously I have NO experience drawing crowds. Martin Handford, I salute your
patience (Go ahead - find the Waldo Elf). Also, Mushroom shaped buildings for an Elf city may seem cool, but it takes extra care to make sure they don't all come out looking like penises.

Alfin: I can't believe that Dork thinks putting bells in his beard will make him look cool to chicks!
Ralf: Sez MR. HAT!
Alfin: Oh screw you guys, with your phallic hairstyles - Rat tail and Spike top!
Ralf: Man, it's bad enough that Elf men grow those stupid beards when they get old and become Dwarves, at least the Elf women don't grow beards too!
Rude Elf: Well at least not on their faces . . .
Elfina: Hey Ralfie! Auberille already split. Comon, let's get going!
Ralf: I'll see you guys later.
Elfina: Because this is a special gathering there's going to be a lot of new shrines in the gardens this year! I want to see all the ones we don't normally get to see.
Ralf: OK
Elfina: Wow, it's getting really crowded!
Ralf: Well I heard that Elves have a reputation for having the wackiest fun partying!