↓ Transcript
Girl Elf: Hey, where the hell did these hats come from?
Boy Elf: I can't get this stupid hat off!!!
Loki: Ha Ha! Pileated Wood Elves!
Odin: I thought you Elves LIKE pointy red hats!
Guy Elf: Dammit! You have us confused with GNOMES!!!
Auberille: Huh, I guess this IS a SILLY HAT Party.
Alfin: Hey Rude-Elf, what's with the silly hat?
Rude-Elf: IT WON'T COME OFF!!!
Random Elf: Yeah, only a high level sorcerer can remove it. The line is like a mile long.
Rude-Elf: Screw that! I know where I can get a magic amplifier!
Alfin: You don't mean the CURSED one that Ralf is building do you? The one he says must NEVER be used?
Alfin: The one that gives him NIGHTMARES and causes him to awaken in a cold sweat screaming
Rude-Elf: Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the same one. Why?
Alfin: Just curious.