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41 – Containing Evil
An Elf could easily jump on the HippoGrifs back without a handhold, but then we wouldn't get to see why Rude Elf has that nickname,

Rude Elf: Hey, Auberilles HippoGrif! I need a ride over to Ralfs LuftSLuftSchloss!
HippoGrif: Did you get Auberilles permission?
Rude Elf: Oh, Um, Yeah, sure I did.
HippoGrif: Well climb aboard! Here's a Handhold!
Rude Elf: Ooooooo-kay . . .
HippoGrif: I meant my TAIL you moron!
Rude Elf: SORRY!
Rude Elf: Yo! Friz-Kay! How come you're not guarding the door like you normally do?
Lady Frisque: I played with the Golden Orange and let the magic smoke out!
Lady Frisque: Just to be safe I put pillows over it.
Rude Elf: Yeah, that's pretty standard for containing Evil . . .