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42 – You may be Bitchy and/or Horny . . .
The Evil exhaust port is right below the main service port. It's possible that Ray Theoplant shielded this port. (Which I suppose would make the exhaust port Ray shielded)

Rude Elf: Just for future reference, the safest place to have put this would have been in your sandbox.
Lady Frisque: But what if I had to make? I don't want that EVIL thing tickling my FANCY!
Rude Elf: It looks like you just loosened the Evil exhaust port. It's leaking EVIL fumes. You didn't breath any of it did you?
Lady Frisque: Some. Will I be OK?
Rude Elf: Well you may be Bitchy and/or Horny for a couple of hours. Try to get some fresh air.
Lady Frisque: Hmmm?
SFX: Flik Flik
Lady Frisque: ACK!
Lady Frisque: HOEK!
Rude Elf: Evil?
Lady Frisque: Hairball.