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52 – Rude Elf wants PAYBACK!
See, the beavers made it back to the lake.

Elfina: Why is the Sky City descending?
Random Elf: They're going to set down on the shore of the Bodensee so we can use the water to wash all this shit off.
SFX: Zwwwweeeeei
Alfin: What the hell happened?
Rude Elf: Odin and Loki used the Wyvern to Shit-Bomb us!
Rude Elf: Comon! It's PAYBACK time!
Rude Elf: First a quick dip in the lake to finish my clean-up.
A TALKING BEAVER!: Yea! We're home!
Rude Elf: Then we disappear into the forest . . .