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53 – Back aboard Odin's Sky City
Loki is glad to have another prankster around. Also, I've seen enough Hentai to know which one the Hectocotylus is!

Odin: Now that we're back aboard my Sky City the Elves can't do shit!
Loki: Hey Nozferklaatu, why don't you hang out with us in case we need more services.
Loki: You could teach us how to properly pronounce Cthulu's name.
Nozferklaatu: You have to open these holes here, while keeping these holes closed.
Nozferklaatu: Allow me to show you!
Loki: ? ? ?
Nozferklaatu: Oops! Human heads have a different hole system than Cthulid Spawn!
Odin: Did he just stick a tentacle up your nose?
Loki: AND down my throat!
Nozferklaatu: I owe you an apology!
Nozferklaatu: Hmmmmmm . . .
Nozferklaatu: Also, I might owe you dinner if you know what the word "Hectocotylus" means.
Loki: SWEET!!!!